Small Daily Planner 2022 -Amazing Grace

Small Daily Planner 2022 -Amazing Grace

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Look to the beauty of God's grace to sustain you this year when you organize your days with the 2022 Amazing Grace Small Daily Planner.

Rows of lavender meet the sunrise peeking over the faraway mountains on the texturized cover of this planner. The year is marked at the top of the page, and the theme is printed in foiled purple script in a border wreathed with intricate floral details that incorporate the title.

This small planner is great for recording your daily tasks and important events in an organized fashion. It is just the right size to put in a purse, briefcase, backpack, jacket pocket, or even a car console. The planner runs from September 2021 to August 2023, so you can use it before, during, and after the year 2022. The 80-page planner contains individual pages devoted to each month as well as pages for notes, holidays, and addresses. Every month spans two pages and is presented in a block-style format that leaves room to record each day's events.

Let the wonderful grace of God motivate your actions this year and the next as you note your daily reminders, work deadlines, or family events in the 2022 Amazing Grace Small Daily Planner.

• Lavender field design
• 24-month daily planner (September 2021 to August 2023)
• 80 pages
• Individually packaged in a self-seal bag with hanging tab
• Size: 165 x 95 x 6 mm