NLT Hidden In My Heart Scripture Memory Bible (Hardcover)

NLT Hidden In My Heart Scripture Memory Bible (Hardcover)

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Scripture memorization made FUN and EASY for the whole family!
The Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible encourages kids and parents alike to read God’s Word and hide it deep within their hearts in ways that are fun for the whole family!

Hidden in My Heart Features:

  • 100 FREE downloadable songs each recorded in these translations: New Living Translation, New International Version, King James Version
  • 100 Core Memory Verses called out in the text with three translation options for easy memorization
  • 136 Challenge Verses for those looking to go even further
  • Practical Notes help kids apply the Bible to situations they face in their everyday lives
  • 10 Hide-It Helpers provide ways to help with memorizing and applying the text
  • Digging Deeper guides for parents and ministry leaders to discuss the verses and keep the conversation going
  • Thematic Memory Verse Plans addressing essential topics and a topical index to help parents find verses relevant to their kids’ lives

Grounded in Faith; Equipped for the Future