Magnetic Pagemarker Set (6) - Let It Bee

Magnetic Pagemarker Set (6) - Let It Bee

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The Let It Bee Magnetic Pagemarker Set is themed around the Biblical advice to place any problems in God’s hands and Let it Bee! (Pardon the pun.) Colorful bees buzz throughout each of the bookmarks, integrating with other puns based on scriptural values. These qualities can be easily forgotten under challenging circumstances, but these creative mottos and pictures are bee-utiful reminders!

The Let It Bee Magnetic Pagemarker Set is designed in shades of blues and yellows, and contains adorable pictures of flowers, bouquets, a bicycle, and—of course—bees! Each pun, printed on the front of the magnet, refers you back to a specific Scripture verse printed on the back of the magnet. The text is written in a medley of bold classic typeface and swirling cursive script.

Let it bee
John 14:27

Bee humble

Bee blessed
Matthew 5:8

Bee grateful
Romans 15:13

Bee kind
Ephesians 4:32

Bee strong
Joshua 1:9

These magnetic bookmarks are handy for any book lover: they clasp securely to the page and can be placed at any line within the text to return to reading instantly. They will efficiently replace dog-earing pages as well as regular paper bookmarks.

Though they come in a single set, the Let It Bee Magnetic Pagemrakers can be individually gifted to friends, as well as at book clubs or Bible studies. Share a beloved book with a loved one for her birthday, and mark your favorite passages with a magnetic bookmark! The Let It Bee Magnetic Pagemarker Set will improve anyone’s reading, both visually and spiritually.

• Set of 6 Bee Themed Magnetic Pagemarkers
• 6 Full-colored Rectangular Folded Magnets
• Packaged on Backing Board in Cellophane Self-Seal Bag
• Packaging Size: 188 x 83 x 5mm
• Magnet Size: 60 x 20 x 3mm