Headphones - AKG Studio Black & Silver

Headphones - AKG Studio Black & Silver

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Hear the creativity
For project studios, home recording and samples

The supra-aural K72 in the closed-back design provides powerful audio performance in project studios and for samples. The 40 mm large drivers deliver precise sound with rich bass and clean and clear highs, without uberbetonung and falsification of sound. The unique headband with adjustment mechanism provides for personalized fit and unmatched wearing comfort - even for long sessions. The lightweight and, at the same time, durable design, the high-quality components and the exchangeable ear pads make the K72 to a longtime companion.

Professional 40 mm driver
For accurate bass and clear treble

Supra-aural design and light weight design.
High wearing comfort for longer sessions

Closed design
Eliminates crosstalk and provides for privacy, high user-friendliness

Single-sided cable

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Highlights & Details

  • Professional 40 mm driver
  • Supra-aural design and light weight design.
  • Closed design
  • Single-sided cable


  • AKG K 72
  • 6.3 mm jack adapter