Gift Bag -Strong & Courageous Dad Medium

Gift Bag -Strong & Courageous Dad Medium

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Celebrate and encourage your dad on his birthday when you present a gift in the Strong & Courageous Dad Medium Gift Bag.

The medium-sized gift bag's front and rear feature a black background and a floating image of a regal lion's face. Piercing amber eyes drives home the sentiment.

Be strong and courageous
Do not be afraid
Do not be discouraged

White satin ribbon handles and a white sheet of tissue paper compliment the light gray lettering in the design. An attached gift card makes it clear that this gift bag is intended for one person only.


The Strong & Courageous Dad Medium Gift Bag is large enough to hold a couple of books or journals, a tightly folded sweater, or a mug and T-shirt.

Just like lions, fathers are expected to show strength, courage, and leadership. Show your dad you recognize these qualities in him when you give him a gift wrapped in the Strong & Courageous Dad Medium Gift Bag.

• Black background with lion's face
• Medium-sized gift bag
• One sheet of white tissue paper included
• White satin ribbon handles
• Attached matching gift card