Ceramic Mug -The Lord Is My Strength Psalm 28V7

Ceramic Mug -The Lord Is My Strength Psalm 28V7

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The, The LORD is My Strength Ceramic Mug is a beautiful and functional way to share your personal testimony! Boldly let others know the joy of serving God when you sip your daily cup of coffee from this ceramic mug. Besides being a great reminder to you of what the LORD has done in your life and how he sustains you day by day, it will also speak to the spiritual needs of those around you who see it!

Both front and back of this 355ml mug shout the same message in a blend of caramel foil and brown and black lettering set against a creamy white background.

The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart.
Psalm 28:7

The mug's interior and the comfy handle are colored chocolate brown, creating a nice drinkware item that's pleasing to the eye. The thick material keeps your favorite beverage at just the right temperature for a long time. This handy-dandy mug will be delivered to your door in a strong gift box.

The, The LORD is My Strength Ceramic Mug is one of the most versatile cups you will find. The design is suitable as a gift for both men and women, and the message appeals to all age groups—from teens and grads to parents and seniors. The, The LORD is My Strength Ceramic Mug is just waiting to be a blessing to others at any age or life stage of life and makes an encouraging birthday or special celebration gift.

• Creamy white background with caramel, brown, and black lettering
• Ceramic mug
• Foiled accents
• Readable, elegant design
• Chocolate-colored interior and handle
• Not microwave or dishwasher due to delicate foil
• Packaged in a gift box
• Gift box dimensions: 112 x112 x 89 mm
• Capacity 355 ml