Cable -Lindy USB2.0 Audio Converter 42926

Cable -Lindy USB2.0 Audio Converter 42926

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  • Add 3.5mm audio interfaces to your ultrabook, notebook or tablet
  • Connect a 3.5mm stereo headphone or speaker
  • Connect an external 3.5mm microphone
  • Plug & Play installation
  • 2 Year Warranty


The Lindy USB Type A Audio Converter is a useful, portable adapter for connecting 3.5mm audio devices, such as headphones and microphones, to the USB Type A port on an ultrabook, notebook or tablet. With the increasing production of slim, compact laptops and notebooks, the number of external ports is becoming limited, leaving some audio devices obsolete.


This converter solves this issue by utilising the popular USB Type A port to connect external audio output devices to provide audio from movies, music or video calls via a 3.5mm audio device. A separate 3.5mm mono-microphone port also allows audio to be input via a microphone, perfect for conference calls or voice recording.


The converters small form factor also makes it a perfect accompaniment for the minimalist designs seen with newer devices, while its portability ensures it can fit in small carry cases, ideal for both business and leisure travel.

With plug & play installation, the audio converter can be easily connected and used instantly for fuss free enjoyment of your audio.