Alice Acoustic Guitar Strings (Light)

Alice Acoustic Guitar Strings (Light)

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E-lst   Stainless Steel 0.01 0.25

E-2nd Stainless Steel 0.01 0.25

B-3rd Stainless Steel 0.014 0.36

B-4th Stainless Steel 0.014 0.36

G-5th Coated Copper Alloy Wound 0.022 0.56

G-6th Stainless Steel 0.008 0.2

D-7th Coated Copper Alloy Wound 0.03 0.76

D-8th Stainless Steel 0.012 0.3

A-9th Coated Copper Alloy Wound 0.04 1.02

A-10th Stainless steel 0.018 0.46

E-11th Coated Copper Alloy Wound 0.05 1.27

E-12th Coated Copper Alloy Wound 0.026 0.66

Alice A2012 12 Strings Guitar String 12pcs Stainless Steel Core Coated Copper Alloy Wound for Acoustic Folk Guitar+Acoustic Folk. The strings are the best replacement guitar strings for your broken one. The replacement strings will make your guitar in good condition again.